Maly Drama Theatre
The Seagull
Theatre production by Lev Dodin based on the play of the same name by Anton Chekhov
Rossini Opera Festival
Le Comte Ory
A comic opera starring Juan Diego Flores and with scenery based on Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights
Novaya Opera
The Russian premiere of Stiffelio is undoubtedly the most important theatrical event of the season, revealing to the public an unknown opera by the most famous author
Jiri Kilian
The story of the mysterious Moon Princess inspired Jirí Kylián to create a full-length ballet and to commission a score from the Japanese composer Maki Ishii


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John Cranko's The Taming of the Shrew

Shakespearean Comedy on the Ballet Stage: Dancing Through Laughter and Tears


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Arena di Verona: Turandot

The legendary classical production by Franco Zeffirelli featuring two global stars, the brilliant Anna Netrebko and Yusif...

Bregenz Festival: Madama Butterfly

The famous Japanese tragedy by Puccini takes on new hues in the picturesque production by Andreas Homoki.

Arena di Verona: La Traviata

A magnificent and colorful production of Verdi's classical tragedy, combining a commitment to historical details in Franco...


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TheatreHD Lectures
Alexey Parin about the opera "Аn der Wien: La Wally"
At the premiere of the opera "Аn der Wien: La Wally" in the Moscow Zaryadye Concert Hall, opera critic, librettist, translator Alexey Parin spoke about TheatreHD new project “Theater an der Wien”, the fascinating history of the theatre, outstanding performances of past seasons and, of course , about “La Wall” by Czech director Barbora Horáková Joly.
«Коммерсантъ»: Урок зрения
Венские «"Иоланта" и "Щелкунчик"» на экранах Москвы В кинотеатрах Москвы проект TheatreHD представил российскую премьеру спектакля венской Фольксопер «"Иоланта" и "Щелкунчик"», увидевшего свет в 2022 году и тогда же записанного на цифру. О том, как опера и балет Чайковского превратились в неразделимое целое, рассказывает Татьяна Кузнецова.
TheatreHD Lectures
Lecture by ballet critic Tata Boeva at the Moscow premiere of the "Jiri Kilian: Kaguyahime"
Ballet critic, historian and researcher Tata Boeva told how the Asian motif arose in the work of Jiri Kylian and how the choreographer interpreted it, how one of the few full-length plot ballets of this author differs from his well-known plotless one-acts, and how it is similar to them, and how to convey Japanese legend in the language of dance.
«Коммерсантъ»: Нерусские «Русские сезоны»
В кинотеатрах Москвы проект TheatreHD представил российскую премьеру двух малоизвестных у нас балетов дягилевской антрепризы — «Парада» и «Пульчинеллы» Пикассо—Мясина в исполнении труппы Римской оперы.
TheatreHD Lectures
Tatyana Pigareva at the Moscow premiere of the evening of ballets “Russian Seasons. Pablo Picasso"
В афише TheatreHD – два балета легендарной антрепризы Сергея Дягилева Ballets Russes, в создании которых принимал участие Пабло Пикассо. Скандальный, экстравагантный «Парад» и изящный, забавный «Пульчинелла» в стиле Комедии дель Арте в хореографии Леонида Мясина – два из шести балетов, созданных при участии великого художника. . О том, что значил Пикассо для балета, а балет – для Пикассо, рассказала руководитель отдела культуры Института Сервантеса в Москве испанист Татьяна Пигарёва.
Theater an der Wien
Theater an der Wien is not only a place of historical significance where the masterpieces of Mozart and Beethoven were born, but also a place where classical opera performances continue to come to life. Recording, especially as perfect as today's, allows us to stop time and watch all the best. We can watch outstanding performances from past seasons together. Immerse yourself in the world of music and art in Vienna.
Special projects
Bregenz Festival
TheatreHD presents a collection of performances from the annual opera festival in Bregenz, famous for its floating stage on Lake Constance. The vast space allows for the creation of the most fantastic sets above the water, and the stage designers working on the productions in Bregenz traditionally give free rein to their creativity.
Special projects
Dmitri Tcherniakov: The Ring of the Nibelung
In the TheatreHD special project, the most significant premiere of the decade unfolds. Richard Wagner's tetralogy takes the stage at the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden in Dmitry Chernyakov's production - a daring experiment of bringing the majestic myth into the real world.
Special projects
John Cranko's ballets
Cranko worked at the intersection of dramatic ballet, choreodrama, and academic classical ballet, creating grand, spectacular performances that were emotionally impactful without being purely decorative. He established one of the finest ballet theaters in Europe. Three of Cranko's great works, performed by the company that was dear to him, the Stuttgart Ballet, are showcased in the TheatreHD special project on cinema screens.
Special projects
Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) - online
Introducing the Royal Shakespeare Company repertoire, the legendary theatre company from Stratford-upon-Avon, in our online cinema TheatreHD/Play. Stars of British theatre and cinema in William Shakespeare’s plays: David Tennant, Anthony Sher, Simon Russell Beale, Lucian Msamati, Christopher Eccleston, Paapa Essiedu, Kathryn Hunter and other artists loved by the audience.
Special projects
Теодор Курентзис и musicAeterna
Concerts by the Greco-Russian conductor Theodor Currentzis and his orchestra musicAeterna often resemble a sacred act and performance rather than just brilliant interpretations of music, invariably becoming vivid events in the musical world. On our screens, you can enjoy Theodor Currentzis's concerts featuring the great music of Mozart, Beethoven, and other composers.
Modern Ballet
Matthew Bourne: The Best
Dramatic performances where instead of words, there are movements. A blend of dramaballet, performance, musical, elements of popular culture, and boundless imagination. Definitions can be sought for a long time, and they will all be correct - and all insufficient.
Special projects
Shakespeare’s Globe
Special projects
Dmitri Tcherniakov: The Russian Opera
Stellar opera productions by the most famous Russian opera director, staged in Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Lyon, will be available online and in cinemas nationwide.
Special projects
Franco Zeffirelli - 100
This year, the world celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Italian film, theater, and opera director, Franco Zeffirelli. Of course, we couldn't stand aside, and in the project "Zeffirelli - 100", we will show you several opera productions by this outstanding master.