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Globe: Twelfth Night

спецпроект theatrehd

Globe: Twelfth Night

The phrase "Globe Theater" is firmly associated with the name of William Shakespeare. But our love for the current London Globe is not only due to the great playwright who for many years was the main author and co-owner of the theater located just 200 meters from the current building.

The heir to the legendary theatre of Shakespeare's times, the Globe has never been a place of worship. Temperamental, rude, cheerful and very lively, it was and remains to this day a descendant of street and square theatres. The stars of British theatre and cinema proudly step onto this stage, bringing back four hundred years of magic, dancing the final jig that, like rain over an open theater, washes away all adversity - creating a theatrical experience unlike anything else.

Globe productions are available to enjoy offline in TheatreHD cinemas and in the TheatreHD/Play online cinema.

All the world’s a stage

Расписание в кинотеатрах

6 August / Tuesday


Julius Caesar

Language: English, russian subtitles

Chernyshevskovo St, 75, Galleria ART SEC
450 ₽

11 August / Sunday


A Midsummer Night's Dream

Language: russian subtitles

Entuziastov St, 20, Planeta Mall
450 ₽

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